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Bargain Hunter: Five Pieces of New Camping Gear at Big Discounts

Pitching a tent by the lake is the epitome of summer. The thing is, getting all the gear you need for a successful weekend in the woods can do a number to your wallet. Fortunately, not all camping gear comes with a high price tag, and these five items currently on sale will only further help you save some paper.


Sawyer Products 12-ounce Permethrin Insect Repellent

Hands down, permethrin is the best insect repellent out there. As potent as 100% DEET, Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin deters ticks, chiggers, mites, mosquitos, flies, and any other pest campers might encounter. Effective for up to 42 days, or six washings, it will keep your camping gear bug free all season. Best of all, it’s odorless and colorless, so it will be perfect for fall deer hunting, too. Not coming home from the woods covered in bites is well worth the $10 for this repellent.


Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair

Designed for max relaxing, the Bass Pro Shops Lounger Chair turns camping into glamping. With a 24-inch seat and 400-pound weight capacity, it’s the La-Z-Boy of the woods—replete with a side tray and pillow. Bass Pro has built it to last, too, with a 600D PVC-backed polyester seat and 22mm steel frame. After all, there’s nothing wrong with taking it easy in the backwoods.


E-Trends Portable LED Tent Light

The E-Trends Portable LED Tent Lights is unlike most flashlights you already have in your camp kit. About the size of a cell phone, it’s designed to hang from tent ceilings, so no more digging out your main light when coming in after a long day in the woods. The Tent Light is water-resistant and runs on just three AAA batteries, but it still manages to throw out 150 lumens of LED light. This cheap two-pack will make it so that you never again have to lug big lanterns to your campsite.


Coleman Six-Person Evanston Tent

As one of the most trusted names in camping, Coleman delivers with the six-person Evanston Tent. This product is all about comfort, with a screened in porch that’ll keep the bugs out, a durable polyester weather system that’s sure to keep the rain off, and specially designed window awnings. With a 14-foot by 10-foot footprint, it’ll fit two queen beds, or roughly six people—so no need to pick and chose who to invite on your next adventure.


Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug

There’s no better option for keeping your drinks cold or hot than Yeti’s Rambler series. At over 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide, the One Gallon Jug is the biggest of the family. With an inch-thick lid and vacuum insulation, the jug is ideal for both keeping water ice cold and chili piping hot. At just $127, this over-engineered pitcher isn’t too hard on the wallet, either.

Bargain Hunter is here to help you find deals on quality outdoor gear. At times we may get a cut from purchase, but if we feature an item, it’s because we like it. And we think you’ll like it, too.


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