Thursday , September 21 2017

More Bow Sights & Optics

Allen Bowstring Wax for Synthetic Bowstrings

$5.85 This Bowstring Wax from Allen is ideal for today’s synthetic bowstrings – it lengthens the string life by keeping the string from fraying and keeping dust, dirt, and moisture away from your string. The wax melts in nicely, is smooth, and excess easily wipes away. Made in the USA. …

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GamePlan SightSkin 2 SightCover

$14.99 Protect your sight pins in your case, in your vehicle, -or even on the range. Simple design– fits like a golf club cover to protect one the most important details on your bow.Neoprene cover stretches over any bow sight to protect your pinsOne handed operation to put the cover …

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LaserLyte Crossbow Laser Bore Sight

$34.15 Send your CrossBow home just like a rifle, with laser accuracy. Sight your Crossbow in just like a rifle, using the Laser Crossbow Sighter. Save time getting sighted in, economical alternative to expensive bolts/broad heads and check zero anytime with an uncocked crossbow. Put the Laser Crossbow Sighter on …

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The Starvation Bead Dead Ringer Bow Sight

$39.99 Dead Ringer Starvation Bead Bow Sight “Five .029 pins Top .019 Pin Glows in Complete Darkness Glowing Aperture for Perfect Sight Alignment in Low Light Conditions Included Sight Light Included Level “Free Sight Light IncludedFive .029 pins, Top .019 Pin Glows in Complete DarknessGlowing Aperture for Perfect Sight Alignment …

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