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15 New Compounds, Tested and Reviewed


This year’s field of compounds features sharp, capable hunting machines, many of which were contenders for the top spot. With a collection this impressive, it’s no wonder the rankings hinged on just a few points between our Editor’s Choice and its closest competitor. Yet, some of these bows stretched the …

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Stealth Cam DS4K Elk


The new DS4K camera from Stealth Cam has changed the game when it comes to trail cameras for monitoring wildlife activity. The things you can now see – and hear – will blow your mind. The quality is nothing short of phenomenal. Want proof? Check out this video from Stealth …

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How to Grab the Right Ax for the Job


Dating back to the stone-age, axes have served a critical role in the processing of firewood, the building of dwellings, and survival in the wild. And very much like knives, there are different axes which are suited for different jobs in the bush. When it comes down to it, you …

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A New Diamond from DiamondBlade Knives


I tend to pay close attention to DiamondBlade Knives because they’re doing something unique, and since knives have been around for 1.4 million years (a flint specimen, found in Spain) and in their modern form, from the time of ancient Egypt, so we’ve had a fair amount of time to …

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Man Survives Double Grizzly Attack


There’s a seemingly endless debate as to whether pepper spray or a gun is more effective on deterring a grizzly attack. And we’ll have an in-depth article on that debate coming up soon. But a video recently presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and Jason Matzinger shares one …

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Helgert’s Idaho Black Bear


My good friend, Heath Helgert, of H2O Film Productions recently made good on his time in the treestand with his wife, Nikki, chasing black bears in Idaho. Bear hunting is a labor of love for Helgert each spring as the snow finally comes off the hills in Idaho. Heath shares …

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Access, Wheelchairs and Wilderness


Erik Schultz has faced the kind of challenges that put most of our troubles in a new perspective. The Idaho man broke his back in a skiing accident, but remains an outdoor athlete without the use of his legs. Undaunted, he ventured across Yellowstone Park, alone, in winter, on an …

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