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Top 10 Cartridges for Hunting Elk

Elk, particularly mature bulls, can be tough customers. For those of us who don’t live with elk in our backyard, elk hunting requires a big investment of money, time and emotional treasure, so I make no apology for choosing large and powerful cartridges for elk hunting. To head off the …

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Knife Review: The Helle Bleja

Back when the custom knife boom began in the late 1960s, it was almost all fixed-blades. I can recall the names of maybe half a dozen smiths who made folders, and that’s it. Not so any more. If you scroll through the Arizona Custom Knives page it appears as though …

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The Mental Game of Shooting

I write all the time about equipment—what’s good, what isn’t, and how it will help you or won’t help you. This is useful to a modest degree, but what really determines how well you shoot is the disgusting gray/pink blob of protoplasm between your ears and your control over it, …

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Table Mountain Pronghorn

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5 Rules for Packing Out Elk Meat

So you’ve wrapped your tag around antlers somewhere between two unnamed peaks in the western Rockies, and now you’re staring at quarters that each weighs more than all the meat from last year’s whitetail. Elk hunting is supposed to be fun, right? But let’s be honest: When was the last …

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