Thursday , September 21 2017
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Wisconsin Open Day Archery Buck For Graf

Todd Graf seems to be on a roll getting things done in quick fashion this season when it comes to punching tags.  After a great turkey season he quickly followed up with a nice Wyoming pronghorn.  That hot streak continued this past weekend on the Wisconsin archery opener. After a …

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5 Factors For Success With A Traditional Bow

Those who grew up with compounds and releases think there’s voodoo involved while shooting fingers and without sights and let-off. They believe this because they can’t imagine shooting without mechanical crutches. Shooting traditional bows well is more difficult because it’s difficult for most to let go of those crutches, but …

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Daddy’s Little Hunter Book For Kids

The crew ran into Ben Kluge a few weeks ago at DeerFest in Wisconsin. Ben is the author of a new little children’s book called, Daddy’s Little Hunter. The book was designed to spark an interest in hunting and the outdoors in kids age 0-5. It’s a quick and …

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Briley Diffusion Chokes

Every once in a while, something comes along to debunk your strongly held opinions. For instance, I have believed, and said as much, that careful choke choosing belongs way down the list of “reasons you hit a target/bird,” behind keeping your head on the gun, your eye on the target, …

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