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Feyachi Riflescope 3-9X40EG Illuminated Tactical Rifle Scope with Red Laser & Holographic Dot Sight


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Looking for a sighting system that does three things and does them really well? Then this is for you! You get a long range scope in our 3-9X40 with illuminated reticle in red or green (you set it to your choice) with 5 different intensities. Crystal clear optics with coated glass. You also get a RED LASER mounted on the scope system for CQB distances. And as if that was not enough you get a reflex dot sight that is green or red (you set it) with 5 different intensities.

The three separate sighting systems can be used together or separately or in any combination you want. This system covers all the distances and uses for your AR or self-defense rifle system. You can’t go wrong with this sight for all of your sighting needs.

C3-9X40EG illuminated rifle scope Specifications
Dimensions: 12.5″(length) x 3″(width) x 3″(height)
Weight: 20 oz
Magnification: 3x-9x Obj.
Diameter: 40mm
Brightness Control: 5 levels for red/ 5 levels for green
Windage & Elevation Click Value: 1/4′ @ 100 yards

Holographic red dot sight
Dot color: red / green
Dimensions Length: 2.55″ / 65mm
Width: 1.57″ / 40mm
Height: 1.77″ / 45mm
Weight: 117g (4.15 oz) Obj.
Aperture: 22 mm
Magnification: 1X

JG8 Red Laser Sight
Dimensions 3″ (Length) x 1″ (Width) x 1.4″ (Height)
Laser class: IIIa
Max. Output Power:<5mW
Weight: 3.0 OZ
Length :650 nm
Reaching Distance: 100m
Color: Black

Items Included
1*C3-9X40EG Illuminated rifle scope
1*Holographic dot sight
1*Red laser sight
2*Allen keys Lens caps
1*Cleaning cloth
2*CR2032 batteries
3*AG13 batteries
Fits for P-i-c-a-t-i-n-n-y or Weaver rails,can be change in 11mm/20mm.
Fully coated crystal clear optics! Clear at any magnification
System is shockproof, waterproof & fog proof.
The 3 sighting systems allow for long range, short distance, or close quarter battle distances, all in one system.
The scope reticle is illuminated either red or green with 5 different intensity settings. Also works without illumination!

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