Thursday , September 21 2017

More Hunting Knives

Smith’s JIFF-S 10-Second Knife and Scissors Sharpener

$8.59 Jiffy sharpener, 10 second knife & scissors sharpener, carbide cutters quickly sharpen dull knife-edges, carbides are reversible for extra long life, patented ceramic scissors sharpener lightly hones scissors at the correct angle, sturdy hand guard, very easy to use, clam shell Carded, clip strip of 6.Knife and scissors sharpener; …

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Lansky Master’s Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

$33.29 Easy to use and store, the Master’s Edge knife sharpening system is great for both experienced and novice users. The grey and white ceramic rods fit neatly into preset angles for sharpening and grade polishing. A ceramic triangular rod is also included in the kit for sharpening serrations, awls, …

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Smith’s 50264 Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

$21.79 The Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener offers new, innovative features never used on a manual knife sharpener and functional performance unmatched by standard edge maintenance products. This sharpener offers two stages of sharpening (COARSE and FINE) for all types of straight edge knives with a grind on both sides …

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Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

$24.97 Smith’s TRI-6 Three-stone Sharpening System features one Coarse Synthetic (400 grit), one Medium Synthetic (600 grit), and one Natural Fine Arkansas Stone (Approx. 1000-1200 Grit) mounted on a molded plastic triangle with handles on the end for easy stone identification and rotation. Stone Size: 6” x 1 5/8” x …

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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

$45.51 The Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener offers a quick and safe method for sharpening most kitchen and sporting knives. This system grinds the blades to precision with a razor-sharp edge, leaving them with ultra-smooth, polished edges. A three-step, sharpening process is achieved by using interchangeable blade guides for each …

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