Thursday , July 20 2017

More Hunting Knives

Case Buffalo Horn Cheetah Pocket Knife


$94.59 The Case Buffalo Horn Cheetah is a part of the Buffalo Horn Family. The water buffalo has been one of mankind’s most useful resources for thousands of years, and the properties of genuine Buffalo Horn make it a natural handle material of choice for knives. The Cheetah is a …

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Buck Knives 284 Bantam BBW Folding Knife


$16.52 The Bantam Series is lightweight and stylish, it is a modern take on the classic lock back design. The ridged handle provides easy handling and the lanyard hole provides easy attachment. The thumb stud on the blade allows for quick one hand deployment. Our 420HC steel blade material approaches …

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Flitz KG 41501 Mixed Knife and Gun Care Kit


$16.94 The polish removes rust, fingerprints, powder residue and more without harming the hot blued finish, stainless or nickel. Can be used in the bore and will not change how the gun fires. USDA approved and non-toxic so it’s perfect for that hunting knife too. The Cleaner includes a degreasing …

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Survival Bracelet [2 pack] – Paracord 550 + Compass + Fire Starter + Loud Whistle + Emergency Knife – Hiking Camping Fishing Hunting Gear – Prepare to Survive WTSHTF – Color: black + black&orange


$19.99 Paracord Bracelet for Survival Crafted from 12 feet of woven paracord, the same nylon cord that’s been used in parachutes since World War II, a survival bracelet is an essential item for any adventurer (or wannabe). It’s proven useful in all kinds of situations in the wild, from marking …

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