Thursday , July 20 2017

More Rifle Reviews

Video—I Have This Old Gun: Colt Model 601 Carbine


In the early days of the American involvement in the Vietnam conflict, the selective-fire Colt Model 601 proved itself on the battlefield, with gruesome reports from the field on the .223 Rem. and the early ARs 1:14” twist on the battlefield. The gun used by Special Forces and indigenous troops …

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Gear Test: Kalahari Standouts


Top: Leupold’s VX-6HD 3-18X riflescope Distinguished by high daytime temperatures and rolling dunes of sugar-fine red sand, the southern portion of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa’s Northern Cape is home to a diverse population of African plains game, and offers hunters, and their gear, a unique challenge. I had …

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The Keefe Report: CMP M1911s—One Step Closer


Images copyright A couple of years ago I wrote about the Civilian Marksmanship Program‘s mission expanding to include not just .22s and the venerable M1 Garand rifle, but also one of the other iconic firearms used by American troops during World War II and the Cold War—the U.S. Model …

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Rifle Team – Training Plan And Drills


Having trained a fair amount of law enforcement snipers and listened to them talk about the shortfalls in their training programs, I wanted to get the facts. Let’s face it: We all gripe, and sometimes we focus on the negatives instead of looking at things objectively. By Caylen Wojcik “So I …

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Tab Gear Roundup


We’ve never been fond of hard cases with cut foam interiors because they aren’t flexible. As soon as everything gets perfectly adjusted, a better scope comes out or you suddenly need to throw a pistol in the box for a flight to a match. As such, we like products that …

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Leupold Mk8 3.5-25x56mm


Shopping for a set of features can turn into a prohibitively expensive affair if we name everything we want without considering what we need. However, when the checkbook can support a lengthy list of wants and needs, the Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm is the king of the optics jungle. No …

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