Thursday , July 20 2017

More Shotgun Reviews

Ask Phil: What is the Lightest Kicking Dove Gun?


I know this question has been addressed, but refresh me, please. Which semi-auto shotgun is the lightest recoiling? There are new models, systems, and ideas out there? I am thinking of 20 gauge for Iowa doves this fall. Or maybe a o/u?  Thanks, Loel. Let me answer the second question …

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Inland Mfg. M37 Trench Shotgun


There’s little doubt that the pump or semiautomatic trench shotgun, and its close associate the riot gun, are formidable small arms. Combining the handiness of a short-­­­barreled scattergun with the ability to get repeated shots off in a hurry while spraying various sizes and combinations of shot — depending upon …

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My Life With Ruger No. 1


A much younger Boddington with a good Wyoming pronghorn, taken in 1978 with a Ruger No. 1 in .243 Win. and a 95-grain Nosler Partition. This was the author’s first No. 1. At this time he had owned it for about a decade. In the late 1960s, my dad and …

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Blasts From the Past: MacNaughton Bar-in-Wood


Blasts From the Past is a weekly look at great old guns and underappreciated shooters from yesteryear. If you have photos of rare, interesting, or unusual firearms, send them to [email protected] To my eye, the round action, as perfected by Scottish gunmakers, makes the most graceful and elegant shotgun of …

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How to Kill a Limit of Squirrels in August


August, sophomore year at Murray State—I was skinning squirrels in the dorm parking lot when a classmate walked by. I’d never met him, but he was wearing a faded camo shirt and boots. He was obviously a kindred spirit. “Where you going?” I hollered at him, wiping my blade across …

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The Armed Citizen® July 14, 2017


Late one Sunday night, an intruder kicked in the front door of a home, prompting the woman who lives there to scream for help. Her husband, who was asleep upstairs, awoke from the noise, retrieved a handgun and confronted the trespasser, who was advancing with a piece of wood. Frightened for …

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Shotgun Review: Mossberg 930 DC Pro


This year, Mossberg added a pair of tricked-out shotguns to its Pro-Series line of autoloaders that are designed specifically for waterfowlers. The duo includes the 930 and 935 Magnum DC Pro (DC stands for Duck Commander). Both models have received identical Pro-Series enhancements. I elected to test the 3-inch 12-gauge …

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