Thursday , September 21 2017

Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin Open Day Archery Buck For Graf

Todd Graf seems to be on a roll getting things done in quick fashion this season when it comes to punching tags.  After a great turkey season he quickly followed up with a nice Wyoming pronghorn.  That hot streak continued this past weekend on the Wisconsin archery opener. After a …

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Utah Chukar Numbers Back to Normal – Outdoor News Daily

Chukar partridge numbers have been extremely high in Utah the past two years. This fall, the number of these unique birds — that thrive in some of Utah’s harshest terrain — is back to normal. “There are still lots of birds out there,” Jason Robinson, upland game coordinator for the …

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5 Factors For Success With A Traditional Bow

Those who grew up with compounds and releases think there’s voodoo involved while shooting fingers and without sights and let-off. They believe this because they can’t imagine shooting without mechanical crutches. Shooting traditional bows well is more difficult because it’s difficult for most to let go of those crutches, but …

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Daddy’s Little Hunter Book For Kids

The crew ran into Ben Kluge a few weeks ago at DeerFest in Wisconsin. Ben is the author of a new little children’s book called, Daddy’s Little Hunter. The book was designed to spark an interest in hunting and the outdoors in kids age 0-5. It’s a quick and …

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Briley Diffusion Chokes

Every once in a while, something comes along to debunk your strongly held opinions. For instance, I have believed, and said as much, that careful choke choosing belongs way down the list of “reasons you hit a target/bird,” behind keeping your head on the gun, your eye on the target, …

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Taking Kids Hunting: The Things They Remember

When you take kids hunting, you never know which day you’re making the memory that stays with them. My younger son graduated from college this spring and moved out last week to start his adult life far from here. The night before he left, my wife was asking him about …

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