Thursday , July 20 2017

More Waterfowl News

Good Gear: Banded Redzone Waders


Say goodbye to neoprene forever. With the Redzone lineup, Banded has created the most comfortable duck hunting waders on the market. Made from a waterproof, breathable, plastic-based laminate with waterproof-taped seems, they feel like a pair of heavy-duty sweatpants rather than stiff, blocky neoprene or rubber. The knees are reinforced …

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Hunting and Shooting Gear: Unrelated Items of Merit


Since life is random and chaotic, the progression of equipment through my greedy and clutching hands is also disorderly. Therefore, let us begin in no particular order: Federal Premium Law Enforcement Tactical Rifle Urban A few weeks ago, I got a shipment of Federal match and tactical ammo for testing …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gigging Frogs


There may not be a more simple outdoor pursuit than frog gigging. All you really need is a gig, a light, a warm summer night, and a little determination. Having a couple of enthusiastic youngsters along doesn’t hurt matters at all. When I found out that the Ohio Division of …

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Three Essential Drills for Training a Duck Dog


➞ Don’t do it. Just because it’s hot, humid, and buggy—and because it seems like forever until opening day—this is no time to give your retriever a summer hall pass from training. Short, fun backyard drills throughout the dog days will keep a dog tuned up and sharp for fall, …

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2 Easy Duck Recipes for Summertime Grilling


It’s summertime and the staff here at Wildfowl is cleaning out the freezer and firing up the grill for our friends and families. Last fall was a bountiful one, so we have plenty of ducks we want to grill up, and two great recipes that make summertime barbecues super easy. …

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New Benelli Shotgun is Perfect for Waterfowlers


Few auto-loaders stand up against the Super Black Eagle, and Benelli’s 3.0 version has all the makings of the greatest Italian duck guns. A touch lighter than the SBE2, you’ll feel less recoil thanks to the ComforTech III system. The stock, grip, forend, magcap, lifter and barrel were redesigned, but …

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