Thursday , September 21 2017

More Waterfowl News

Gun Test: Henry .410 Lever Action Shotgun

I was on the phone not long ago with one of my buddies and I asked him what he was up to. He told me he was at the range “turning gunpowder into smiles.” Maybe I was in a particularly foul mood that day, but his sappy pronouncement made me …

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Duck Blinds 2017—Wildfowl’s Editors Pick The Best

You can have the most expensive new auto-loader, biggest spread of custom decoys, and the latest in technical apparel, but if you don’t have a good hide, you’re going home skunked. Through the years, we’ve tried about every type of blind there is, from burlap bags to hog wire panels. …

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How to Hunt Big Bluebill Flocks on Open Water

Bluebills, also known as scaup, are found across the country’s flyways, and in settings ranging from shallow-water rivers to the Great Lakes to marine environments. This bird’s haunts include some of the most inhospitable and dangerous waters in North America. Here’s how to hunt them successfully. The Duck Two subspecies …

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38 Vintage Outdoor Life Waterfowl Covers

Outdoor Life has always been packed with adventure stories, tips, tactics, op-eds, and yeah, ads. But for many readers, the best part of receiving each issue in the mail was getting to see what was on the magazine—not in it. The old-school cover illustrations on OL were an icon of …

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Your Countdown Calendar for the Opening Day of Duck Season

National surveys say that waterfowl hunter numbers are declining, but it sure won’t seem that way on opening morning in most public duck marshes around the country. You can expect a busy boat ramp, competition for the best spots, lots of bad calling, and, yeah, some sky-busting. Opening day antics …

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How We Test: The 18 Best ATVs and UTVs for Hunters

There’s no shortage of technical information and data available for the units featured in our ATV and UTV test. But those specs, details, and schematics simply don’t tell us what we really want to know: Which machines best serve our needs in the field? With that in mind, we evaluated …

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